short history


・The competition”Early Music Competition” began in the year 1987 to bring up young Japanese musicians in this field.
・From the 2nd competition the Early Music Committee arranges also concert by the Prize winners.
・From the 3rd competition it also arranges exhibition of instruments.
・From the 3rd competition it ties up with the “Tochigi-Kuranomachi-Music-Festival” to let the prize winner take recital in the city Tochigi.
・From the 10th competition it is international and the committee invites at least one jury from abroad every year. It has already Anna Carol Dudley, Francoise Lengelle, Monique Zanett, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Judith Nelson, Barbara Schlick, Jan Willem Jansen, Richard Wistreich, Bob van Asperen, kees Boeke, Jill Feldman, Jose Luis Gonzales Uriol, Agnes Mellon,ketil Haugsand, Gerd Tuerk, Naoki Kitaya, Zeger Vandersteene, Glen Wilson etc.
・Candidates of competition, Juries, Participants of exhibition and masterclass are also international.
・From the 21st competition the formal name of the Competition is “Early Music Competition, YAMANASHI”.
・From the 23rd competition it ties up with the instrumental museum in Hamamatsu City to let the prize winner hold recital in the museum.
・24th Early Music Competition (2010) is consisted of Competition, Exhibition and Demonstration of instruments, books, CDs etc. Masterclass by juries, Concert by prize winners, Concerts by juries etc. in some places in the center of the city Kofu
・From the 25th Competition (2011) it is developed to the Early Music Festival, YAMANASHI, including International Early Music Competition, YAMANASHI. It consists of Competition, Exhibition and Demonstration of instruments, books, CDs etc. Masterclass or Speech by juries, many Concerts by juries, prize winners etc.
・25th Competition is postponed one year till 28th to 30th 2012 because of Earthquake and Tsunami Dissaster on the 11th March 2011
・Early Music Festival, YAMANASHI, including 26th Competition is taken place on the 27,28, 29 April, 2013
・Early Music Festival,YAMANASHI, including 27th International Competition is taken place on the 2,3,4,May 2014
・Early Music Festival, YAMANASHI, including 28th International Competition is  taken place from 1st to 3rd, May 2015
・Early Music Festival, YAMANASHI, including 29th International Competition is taken place from 29th April to 1st May 2016
・Early Music Festival, YAMANASI, including 30th International Competition is taken place from 28th to 30th April, 2017. The committee has celebrated the 30th Anniversary with Oboe band (12 members) ” Nashi “.

Prize Winners

Festival of Early Music, YAMANASHI, including 30th Iternational Competition 1) Solo Vocal   2) Melodic Intrument in Baroque Era is taken place from 28th to 30th April, 2017 in Kofu-City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Juries:ARIMURA, Yuske   OHTAKE, Naoyuki,  Taka KITAZATO,
Rufus Muller, YAMAMOTO, Tohru

1. Solo Vocal   19 candidates
2. Melodic Instruments    32 candidates

Prize Winners
1) Solo Vocal
1  and 2 Prize on one
3rd Prize, Ohno, Akinobu,  NAKAYAMA, Miki

2) Melodic Instrument
1st Prize   Hur, Youngjin (recorder)
2nd Prize   IKEDA, Rieko (violin)
3rd Prize   on one


Festival of Early Music, YAMANASHI including 29th InternationalCompetition (1) Keyboard Instruments (2) Ensemble is taken place from 29.April to 1. May, 2016 in Kofu-City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Jury: ARIMURA, Yuske    Martin Gester, OHTAKE, Naoyuki
YAMANA, Toshiyuki    Aline Zylberajch

In this year the committee has 27 candidates in the category of Keyboard and nine groups in the category of Ensemble.

Prize winners
1) Keyboard
2nd Prize   Anastasia Antonova (cembalo)
2nd Prize    Artem Belogurov(fortepiano)

2) Ensemble
3rd Prize   Duo HPD(19th Guitar Duo)
Juries Special Prize     Camerata D’Amico(Fl,V,Va,Vc)

The 28th Competition is taken place from 1. – 3. May, 2015.
Juries: ARIMURA, Yuhsuke OHTAKE Naoyuki  Emmanuel Girard
DOHSAKA Kiyotaka  Jill Feldman Kees Boeke
1) Category: Solo Vocal (13 applicants)
1.Prize   SATOH, Yukie (soprano)
2.Prize   OGATA, Maki(soprano)

2) Category: Baroque Era Melodic Instrument (20 applicants)
1.Prize    SAITOH, Yuuki (recorder)
3. Prize    MIYAZAKI, Momoko (violin)       NOZAKI, Maya (flute)

————————————————————————————- The 27 th Competition is taken place on  the 2, 3, 4 May, 2014
Category: Keyboard Instruments(Harpsichord, and (or) Fortepiano)
Juries: ARIMURA, Yuhsuke OGURA, Kikuko OHTAKE, Naoyuki TAKAHASHI, Miki Glen Wilson
26 Applicants(24 with harpsichord repertoires, 2 with Fortepiano repertoires)
1 Prize NAKAGAWA Gaku (harpsichord repertoires)
2 Prize KAWAGUCHI, Naruhiko(fortepiano rertoires)
3 Prize no suitable
Juries Special Prize ISHIKAWA, Yukari and SUTO. Machiko (both harpsichord repertoires)

Category: Ensemble
Juries: ARIMURA, Yuhsuke OGURA, Kikuko OHTAKE, Naoyuki TAKAHASHI, Miki Glen Wilson
Only one candidate (2 recorders)
Prize no suitable

The 26th Competition is taken place on the 28, 29 April, 2013
Category: Solo Vocal
Juries: ARIMURA, Yuhsuke UENO, Machiko OHTAKE, Naoyuki, TODA, Kaori, Zeger Vandersteene
23Singers (19Soprano, 2 Countertenor, 1Tenor, 1 Bariton)

1 Prize no suitable
2 Prize Ms. OKAMURA, Ciyuki (soprano)
3Prize Mrs WATANABE, Yukiko (soprano)
Juries Prize Jacqueline Shoda-Iwasaki (soprano)

Category: Baroque Melodic Instrument
Juries: ARIMURA, Yuhsuke UENO Machiko OHTAKE, Naoyuki, TODA, Kaori Zeger Vandersteene
24players (8recorders, 4 flutes, 3 Oboes, 1 Cornett, 1 Fagotto, 5 Violins, 2 Gambas)

1,2 Prize no suitable
3 Prize Ms. YOSHIZAWA,Yasuka (Flute)
Juries Prize Ms. EITANI, Yoko (Fagotto)and Ms. PARK, Young-Mi (Oboe)

・The 25th Competition is taken place on the 29, 30 April 2012

Category: Solo Vocal
Juries: ARIMURA Yuhsuke, HIRAI Mamiko, MAKINO Masato, OHTAKE Naoyuki, Gerd Tuerk
22 Singers (17Soprano, 1Tenor ,2Countertenor, 2 Bassbariton)
The 1, and 2 Prize No suitable candidates
The 3rd Prize Mr. KURAMOTO, Shinji (Bassbariton)
Juries’ Special Prize Mr. NAKAJIMA, Toshiharu (Countertenor)

Juries: ARIMURA Yuhsuke, KITAYA, Naoki, OHTAKE, Naoyuki, OHTSUKA Naoya, SONE Mayako
36 Candidates
The 1 and 2 Prize No suitable candidates
The 3rd Prize Mr.Luca Oberti
Juries’ Special Prize Ms. YAMAGATA, Mari

・The 24th Competition is taken place on the 1,2 May 2010

Category :Melody Instrument, Lute, Baroque
Juries:ARIMURA Yuhsuke, Dmtry Badiarov, OHTAKE Naoyuki, SATOH Toyohiko, Barbara Schlick

We have 55 Applicants.
・ 16 Singers (13 Soprano, 2Countertenor, 1Bassbariton)
・25 Wind Instruments Players (11 Recorder, 8 Oboe, 4 Flute, 1 Zink, 1 Trompet)
・14 String Instruments Players (8 Violin, 4 Gamba, 2 Lute)

The 1 Prize  Myriam Rignol (Gamba)
The 3 Prize  Encho Yeom (Recorder)
Juries Special Prize Haruna Iwai (Traverso)

・The 23rd Competition is taken place on the 2,3 May 2009

Category Solo:Keyboard Instrument (Cembalo) –32 candidates
The 2 Prize  Mr. Aida Takahiro and Ms. Murakami Akemi

Category Ensemble:Baroque Vocal Music with more than 3 players– 2groups
The 3rd Prize  Bachsolisten Seoul

Juries:ARIMURA, Yuhsuke  OKADA Ryuhnosuke  Ketil Haugsand  NISHIYAMA, Marie  NONOSHITA, Yukari

・The 22nd Competition is taken place on the 26,27 April 2008
Department. Melody Instruments, Lute and Singing (Repertoire:Baroque Music)
Period of application is 1.3.2008-26.3.2008

We have 47 candidates
13 Soprano singers, 2 Mezzosoprano singers, 2 Countertenorsingers, 1Baritone singer
9 Recorder players, 5flute players, 3Oboe players, 1 cornett player
6 Violine players, 3 Gamba players, 2 Lute players

The 2 Prize  Ms. Hiromi, Shiho(Baroque Violin) and Ms. Kimura, Rie(Baroque Violin)
The 3 prize  Ms.Murata, Akiko(Mezzo Soprano)

The 21st Competition was taken place on the 21,22 April 2007.
Category Solo:Keyboard Instrument(mainly cembalo)
The 3Prize  Ms. Ohmura, Chiaki and Hayashi, Noriko

Category Ensemble(Renaissance, Baroque music) No suitable

・The 20th Competition was taken place on the 22, 23 April 2006.
Department:Melody Instruments, Lute and singing (Repertoire:Baroque Music)
We had 59 applicants.
・25Singers (20 Soprano, 2 Mezzo Soprano, 1 Counter Tenor, 1 Tenor, 1Baritone)
・19 Wood Wind Instruments Players(12 Recorder, 4 Oboe, 3 Flute)
・15String Instruments Players(6 Violin, 5Viola da Gamba, 2Lute, 1 Cello, 1Hackbrett),

The 1Prize     Ms. Koike, Madoka(Baroque Violin),
The 2 Prize    Mr. Yamamoto, Tohru(Baroque cello),
The  3Prize    Ms.Yamaguchi, Yukie(Baroque Violin),
Juries Special Prize   Yeom Euncho (Recorder)


International Competition for Early Music YAMANASHI, Japan