30th International Competition for Early Music

YAMANASHI, Japan         April 28–30, 2017

I) Categories:
1) Solo Vocal
2) Baroque Era Melodic Instrument

II) Repertoire (The Jury will select the pieces or excerpts to be performed, repeats at the discretion of the performer.)

1)   Solo Vocal
A thirty-minute program of repertoire from the baroque era
① Italian Solo Madrigal
② Aria from Oratorio Messiah by G.F. Handel
③ Own choice of some pieces composed between repertoire
①and ②

2) Melodic Instrument
・Recorder, Baroque flute, Baroque oboe:
① J.M.Hotteterre: Ecos (Op.2) in arbitrary tonality
・Recorder, Baroque flute:
② C.P.E.Bach: Sonata (Wq.132) for Recorder in c, for Flute in a
③ Own choice diminution on Madrigal or Chanson from
C16th or C17th  &
④ P.B.Bellinzani: Follia (Op.3) in arbitrary tonality
⑤ A.Vivaldi: Own choice concerto
⑥ Masumoto, Kikuko: MAHOROBA (2013)
(Ask the committee for the music)
・Baroque flute:
④ A.Corelli: Follia (Op.5) in any key
⑤ J.S.Bach: Own choice sonata
・Baroque oboe:
② G.P.Telemann: Own choice sonata
③ A.Vivaldi: Own choice concerto
・Baroque violin, Viola da gamba:
① Own choice of diminution on Madrigal or Chanson from
C16th or C17th
② Own choice of Fantasie by G.P.Telemann  &
・Baroque violin:
③ F.M.Veracini: Sonata in d (Op.2-12)
④ J.- M.Leclair: Own choice concerto from Op.7
⑤ Own choice of piece or excerpt (about 10 minutes)
・Viola da gamba:
③ B.Galuppi: Sonata in G
④ M.Marais: Own choice of piece or excerpt (about 10 minutes)
⑤ J.Joubert: Tombeau (Op.86) (1981)
・Baroque cello:
① D.Gabrielli: Own choice sonata
② J.dall’Abaco: Own choice capriccio
③ A.Vivaldi: Own choice concerto
④ J.S.Bach: Own choice suite (Excerpt to about 12 minutes)
⑤ J.Joubert: Division on a Ground (Op.154) (2005)

・Instrumentalists not mentioned above please compile
an own-choice program of about thirty minutes

Note for both categories: Accompaniment for
opera, concerto, or chamber music etc. must be transcribed for one instrument

III)  Accompanying Instruments (applicants may be accompanied by lutenist or guitarist etc.)

The committee provides three harpsichords:
Two double-manual harpsichords A415,A440
One Italian harpsichord, transposable A415/A440/A466

IV) Terms of Entry
a) The competition is open to anyone, regardless of age, nationality or experience
・Application period: 1.3. 2017 – 24.3. 2017

b) Applicants must submit the following:
・Completed application form
・List of pieces, including the duration and pitch of each piece
・Six copies of all scores (except ①②⑥ for recorder players,
①②   for flutists, ③ for violinists, ③⑤ for gambists,
⑤for cellists) in A4 format, each piece bound separately

(Application form, Program and Copies of music must be sent together and received by March 24, 2017 at the latest)

c) A registration fee of JPY 10.000 must be paid by March 24, 2017

Credit Post Office a/c# 00220 – 8 – 19023 (kokusai kogakukonku-ru yamanashi jikkouiinkai)

Important: If overseas applicants have difficulty sending money to Japan, please contact the committee first!

d) Applications should be sent to:
Ms Tsuneko ARAKAWA
International Competition for Early Music, Yamanashi
〒221-0002 Oguchidori 137-5 Kanagawaku,
Yokohama-City   JAPAN

Tel/ Fax (81) 45-421-0502, E-Mail

V) Competition Schedule (Both rounds are open to the public for free)
Venues: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall, Kofu & Hall of Prefectural Library, Yamanashi

Preliminary Round: April 28 & 29, 2017 (exact details provided after closing date)
Final Round:       April 30, 2017 about 13:30

VI) Commendation (immediately after the judging on April 30)
Prizes (for each Category)

1st Prize (UEHARA Prize)          JPY 400,000 + gift
2nd Prize                         JPY 200,000 + gift
3rd Prize                         JPY 100,000 + gift

VII) Jury for both categories

ARIMURA, Yuske (chairperson of Solo Vocal category)
OHTAKE, Naoyuki (chairperson of Melodic Instrument category)Taka Kitazato; Rufus Müller; YAMAMOTO, Toru

VIII) Miscellaneous
・Applicants of both categories must be in Kofu by the morning of 28.April, 2017 to prepare for the preliminary round etc.
・Further details will be sent by post after the application closing date (March 24,2017)

Organized by the Committee of the International Competition for Early Music, YAMANASHI
Sponsors: NPO Hohjin Kofushi Kitaguchimachizukuri Committee; INDENYA UEHARA Yushichi
Supporters: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kofu; University of YAMANASHI;YAMANASHI Nichinichi-Shinbunsha; YAMANASHI Hohsoh


30th International Competition for Early Music
YAMANASHI, Japan          April 28–30, 2017

Application form

1) Solo Vocal (tessitura:                  )
2) Baroque Era Melodic Instrument (instrument played:                   )

(Circle the appropriate category)




Gender: Male/Female

Date of Birth:

Musical Career:



Name of accompanist:
Instruments used for accompaniment:


Please prepare the application form in A4 format
Please refer to the Terms of Entry
Deadline 24.3.2017




International Competition for Early Music YAMANASHI, Japan